Students are going back to college this week, preparing to find new and inventive ways of challenging their university’s health system. Risky behavior is the norm in college, so it’s imperative that parents and students know which college has the best health system.

The Princeton Review recently came out with their list of colleges that adhere to their arbitrary standards of care. Believably, a public school, UCLA, ranks number one on the list. Surely, this news is much to chagrin of advocates who want to privatize the University of California System.

Check Out The Top Ten Colleges With The Best Health Services:

10. University of FLorida

9. University of Georgia

8. Susquehanna University

7. University of Pittsburgh

6. Georgia Institute of Technology

5. Pennsylvania State University

4. University of Texas at Austin

3. West Point

2. Whitman College


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  1. I always felt well care for during my years at UCLA. The family practice doctors there were always on top of our problems when we presented to the clinic. I once had a full work up for leukemia based on a problem of a low white blood cell count. That I feel was being thorough.

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