For those of you want a more permanent change your skin color, a new skin implant will help achieve that pumpkiny-color just in time for Halloween. Now that those “socialist” in The White House have taxed citizens right to use tanning salons, they have unwittingly pushed people towards finding money saving solutions.

According to the Daily Mail, the capsule is no bigger than a grain of rice, but it is implanted under the skin and stimulates the production of melanin.

The naturally occurring pigment controls the color of the skin and how much UV radiation is absorbed.

This is great news! Instead of “Snooki-Orange” or “Toni Braxton Rust,” people will finally attain the Greek bronze that exudes class and leisure. By releasing this ebony chemical, the skin will eventually darken, creating a healthy bronze without the ultraviolet rays.

As usual, the implant was initially developed to help people who have skin conditions like Michael Jackson, who went to his grave sticking to his vitiligo story, Luckily, some industrious mind figured this pill had commercial use.

The beauty industry will find there is lots of demand for a pill that helps the quiet majority of people who hate being light skinned, you know, the one’s that aren’t featured on talk shows, expressing how much they wish they could change their skin color.

An estimated three million people a year use sunbeds and any products that could improve tanning are likely to be popular. Millions more use spray tans.

Lesley Rhodes, professor of experimental dermatology at Manchester University, said that the implant could become an alternative method of tanning.

“Potentially, it does offer an alternative to commercial sunscreens and there are lots of senior scientists who are convinced it’s safe,” she told the Times.

Professor Rhodes stressed that more research into the long-tern side-effects of using the implant would been to be done until it could be rolled out onto the market.

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