It’s obvious that the impact of safe sex affects both genders involved. It keeps each party healthy, sexy, and having clean fun. But in heterosexual relationships, condoms primarily are worn by men. Thus, do women share equal responsibility in providing?

There’s nothing wrong with a woman carrying condoms. In fact, I’d encourage it, contrary to’s comment that it’s tacky. However, call me old school. I do expect the men with whom I have non-monogamous relations to bring the condoms. It’s not that I don’t own any, but frankly, my libido would be shot if a man was trying to get some without protection, I stopped him and asked that he put on a condom, and then he had the audacity to be unprepared.

Automatic fail.

But some may disagree and feel that both parties hold equal burden in providing a safe sex experience. Perhaps my sentiments stem from the fact that I would never expect my partner to pay for my birth control or take equal responsibility in that aspect of safe sex. I go by the anatomy rule: if you’re wearing it or taking it, the responsibility primarily lies on you.

What say you? Do women share equal responsibility in providing condoms? Drop your thoughts!

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  1. Quick answer — yes

  2. No we do not have a penis so we do not need condoms

    • @Alexia: You sound crazy if you think you should leave it up to men soley to be responsible for your vag. Hopefully — since you didn’t say this, but I’m guessing — you are meaning that sex is a no-go if he doesn’t have a condom, but I again I’m just speculating.

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