America is the greatest country in world because its people exercise their freedom through voting with their pocketbooks. If one looks at the latest ratio of fast-food restaurants to supermarkets, Americans clearly love to “have it there way.”

In a story published on the, fast-food restaurants outnumber grocery stores by 5:1. But, really, who cares — maybe the people in America’s food deserts see Burger King as an oasis with flowing mounds of corn variations. Who doesn’t love to get 1,200 calorie meal served to them in less than two minutes? It’s genius!

With more people pushing for fat acceptance, why change our core American values of bigger, stronger, and faster. These fast-food restaurants are some of the only U.S. corporations making profits in this deep recession, making use of their oversees investments in China and Australia.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is making sure it does its job by stepping out the way of business and not regulating the spread of capitalism to impoverished and rural communities, giving positive models of profitability for young children to follow and aspire to while youngsters figure out how to live productive lives with type-2 diabetes. Seriously, Magic Johnson is showing us how to live with HIV, why can’t some famous pleasantly plump child show her peers how to live with diabetes.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines a food desert as any census district where at least 20 percent of the inhabitants are below the poverty line and 33 percent live over a mile from the nearest supermarket (or in rural areas, more than 10 miles). Approximately 23.5 million Americans live in a food desert, says the USDA, including vast, rural swaths of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky, as well as urban areas like Detroit, Chicago, and New York City. The government believes food deserts are contributing to the obesity epidemic in the U.S., by forcing the rural and urban poor to rely on processed foods and fast food, instead of fresh meat, vegetables, and fruit.

Even though a research team published its results that proved that supermarkets don’t change the eating habits of people, First Lady Michelle Obama’s pushed to bring large chain grocers like Wal-Mart and Super Val-U to food deserts — now that’s change we can believe in! Not only does Wal-Mart, in particular, stock their shelves with tasty corn products, but they also have yummy organic corn products for the elitist foodies.

This move will keep America fed through the worldwide price hike in hydrocarbons — oil, gas, coal — so let’s embrace food deserts as our economic system working for us. Who is to say people don’t like to have a 64 oz XXL Raspberry Ice-Tea for 99 cents. Piccadilly is offering a full child’s meal of 3/4 corn products for the same 99 cents. I don’t want to live in a world without corn dogs myself. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity, and stroke are not that important since no doctor, scientist, or researcher can actually pinpoint why all those diseases affect Americans at such an alarming rate. It’s doesn’t have to be food, it could be that God is mad with America — at least that’s what esteemed Texas governor Rick Perry’s The Response backer Cindy Jacobs believes. But we do know one thing for sure — it tastes so good. Keep up the great work America.

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  1. krianne thomasson

    Lol love the sarcasim. And so true. It does seem as if everyone whos in control of making change wants to either look the other way or make excuses for the reasoning of whatever instead of trying to come up with some reasoning on how to fix the situation. Lol i remember my 9 year old sister said to me she was mad at michelle obama and when i asked her why she said “cause she took all the sweet cereals out of the schools!” now i find that sad.

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