Coconut Water is raw-food staple; it’s in almost every guru’s kitchen as a natural electrolyte supplement. Many raw foodist, as well as health-conscious individuals, embraced coconut water because of it’s long list of health benefits.

Filled with electrolytes like sodium and magnesium, it’s a natural isotonic that re-hydrates your body just like Gatorade without the e-numbers, sugars, and chemicals sports.

But, that reputation may not be entirely deserved. According to a report released today by an independent health-product testing firm, the nutritional content of some brands of coconut water doesn’t live up to what’s on the label.

According to researchers at coconut water may just be sugar water — clear. The laboratory tested the sodium, potassium, magnesium, and sugar content of three leading brands of coconut water, and they found that only one, Zico Natural, contained the stated amount for all four ingredients.

The sugar and potassium content in the other two brands, Vita Coco and O.N.E., also matched the label. But the amounts of sodium and magnesium—two nutrients key to hydration—were as much as 82% and 35% lower, respectively, than the listed amount.

The main point here, is if you’re looking for electrolytes, these aren’t necessarily going to do it — instead, drink water and get sodium and potassium from foods like bananas and/or celery.

Regardless of the researchers’ claims, raw coconut water still has some benefits. According to The Raw Food Hypocrite, coconut water is also anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. The lauric acid (also found in human mother’s milk) in coconuts is also used to heal our digestive systems and it’s a great alkaliser if your diet is very acidic. According to ayurvedics, coconut water helps prevent intestinal gas, aids in removing toxins and increases the digestive tract’s ability to absorb nutrients.  Ayurvedic practitioners also believe that coconut water can increase the production of semen in men and restores emotional stability in menopausal woman.

According to the Coconut Board, there is 16 benefits:

  1. Good for feeding infants suffering from intestinal disturbances.
Oral rehydration medium
  3. Contains organic compounds possessing growth promoting properties
  4. Keeps the body cool
  5. Application on the body prevents prickly heat and summer boils and subsides the rashes caused by small pox, chicken pox, measles, etc.
Kills intestinal worms
Presence of saline and albumen makes it a good drink in cholera cases
  8. Checks urinary infections
  9. Excellent tonic for the old and sick
Cures malnourishment
  11. Diuretic
Effective in the treatment of kidney and urethral stones
  13. Can be injected intravenously in emergency cases
  14. Found as blood plasma substitute because it is sterile, does not produce heat, does not destroy red blood cells and is readily accepted by the body
  15. Aids the quick absorption of the drugs and makes their peak concentration in the blood easier by its electrolytic effect
  16. Urinary antiseptic and eliminates poisons in case of mineral poisoning.

As you might notice, the list does not mention exercise, which means you should always look past the creative marketing ploys of companies trying to sell you on their product, regardless of how good it taste.


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  1. Great article! I think anytime we extract the juice from something, specifically fruit – we’re taking out primarily the water and sugar. While juices are popular, their benefits become inferior when there’s little-to-no fiber supporting it.

  2. I think this study is ill conceived and articulated. Makes me wonder who funded it. It really should be clarified that they’re results are about coconut eater PRODUCT, not fresh coconut water from, you know…a coconut. I’m no raw foodist, but everyone I’ve known swore by coconut water from actual coconuts. This is like comparing pasteurized orange juice to the juice in an orange…come on.

  3. I agree with Anayah, I was very confused to see that they are talking about coconut water products. Of course those are filled with sugar and preservatives.

    The real coconut water is amazing and I am lucky enough to have a tree in my backyard and boo that will chop the coconuts so that we can enjoy it as often as we like (I live in the Caribbean)

    The real study should be on actual raw coconut water and not on the packaged stuff, that would actually be useful.

  4. It’s a poorly written article with a mis leading title with a lot of misleading sentences. I am so tired of reading articles of this nature. Come on Frugi your readers are much more intelligent then this. SMH!!! I’m OUT!!!

  5. Coconut water is also a great laxative when drunk in quantities… for people that need regularity, some natural doctors recommend a tall glass of coconut water daily. Personally, I use it as a intestinal cleanser and for that I drink 1/2 gallon of coconut water as quickly as possible. It certainly moves your bowels…

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