If you’re going to booty pop or raise the roof to some Swizz Beats, you might as well do it with an instructor that wants to work more than just your arms and hips. Hip-Hop dance classes continue to be a popular way to exercise for the numerous Americans that enjoy the music. The songs are often familiar arousing the same hype as you would feel in a club, except this time you’ll get more than a seductive grind in a dark corner. As your full body gets a workout and you practice moves that ordinarily professional dancers would do, you’ll learn that Hip-Hop dancers are not simply video girls but rather a wide variety of dance professionals that reinvent dance everyday.

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  1. I have done them all except for the pole dancing class and I loved them all! Zumba is great depending on the teacher you have – my first Zumba teacher used a lot of Regeaton and it was AWESOME but other teachers have use crap music like flamenco. African is fun but it can be hard on your back if you don”t do it right. I love hip hop so long as it isn’t old school hip hop classes. Capoeira was cool but I prefer to samba my weight off!

  2. just to add a number six: SOCACIZE!!!!!!

  3. Ddon’t forget the Kukuwa African Dance Workout

  4. Zumba is a GREAT way to lose weight or to stay fit! i took zumba to supplement my martial arts training. i’ve added more flow and rythem to my kata’s because of Zumba! also maintaining my weight helps with my speed and endurance for sparring. if you’re not afraid to sweat give Zumba try! its a fun workout for all ages (youth and adults classes available) and all sizes (you dont have to be super skinny or wear skimpy clothes)! Warning: Zumba can become addictive! i cant imagine going a week w/out taking my class.

  5. I agree Zumba is great and addictive. I have the DVD’s and toning sticks. Can you say awesome….. I’m up every morning trying to decided which DVD to exercise to. My next challenge will be Pole Dancing….

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