From Clutch – Boris Kodjoe was just the latest celeb to cause a bit of Twitter drama over the weekend, but instead of using his timeline to fire off negative tweets toward his followers, he used platform to educate and inspire women to get healthy.

After tweeting about a nightmare about an overweight woman, many wondered if Kodjoe had a problem with thick sisters.

He tweeted: Like a baby. Had nightmares though about 300 pound women in thongs gnawing on chicken wings while grinding on me. Scary.

Immediately, women shot Kodjoe angry tweets, questioning what he was really trying to say. Kodjoe reassured them he loved all ladies—short, dark, tall, light, big, and small—but wanted more Black women to be healthy.

He cited the statistics, and began discussing how weight contributes to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and began giving tips for his followers on how to live a healthier life.


Kodojoe also challenged Black women (who make up the majority of his fan base), to stop making excuses for being fat.

Although Black women’s relationship with weight is far more complicated than Kodjoe made it seem, everyone can benefit from his advice to live healthier lives.


How do you define what’s ‘healthy’? Do you use weight, BMI, dress size or some other measures? 

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  1. That’s all the motivation I need!!

  2. I call BS… I don’t see this as motivation. And no, I don’t look to measurements and BMI as measures of health. I’ve been in the normal BMI range all my life but only recently have I started to focus on my health.

  3. It’s not just about eating healthy and exercising when you’ve gained weight, that much weight, by eating toxic foods.

    I just came from another nutrition workshop.

    If a woman is obese from consuming toxic foods, and she has masses of toxic fat, she is not going to loosing that weight by just exercising. There is something the body produces called leptin, and if the leptin turns toxic it holds the toxins in the fat cells and won’t release the fat because the toxins seep back into the body. The fat won’t go anywhere, it’s pretty much like having plastic in your body.

    Therefore, a severely obese woman with ‘bad fat’ would have to adhere to the ‘right’ protocol for detoxing her body so that she redevelops good letpin that will allow her body to function properly again. And it’s not just about doing a master cleanse, she needs to see a holistic doctor (HOLISTIC) to help her through the process, which is a natural one.

    This process takes time, however; it doesn’t happen over night. It takes time to flush the toxins out of the body, so that when she exercises the body will normally start releasing the fat. If not, toxic fat doesn’t go ANYWHERE, even if she exercises.

    This is a serious condition which warrants more than the perception of “You’re fat, just go exercise you lazy bum.” To me, he’s not exibiting that he’s truly aware, or cares, about the issue at hand.

    Cardio-vascular caution is also a factor. She really needs to be able to see a doctor to help her loose fat, the right kind of doctor. And many people might not have that as an option.

    But someone who cared enough to research, in detail, the reasons for obesity in this country among minorities, blacks and/or the poor would not have taken the approach Kodjoe did in suggesting “It’s so EASY, all you have to do is stop being lazy”. He’s just a Hollywood actor trying to get some publicity. He someone of higher socio-economic status that has, likely, always had access to health resources and come’s from a background that afforded him ‘information’ and proper nutrition. What does he know about some of the psycho-social conditions that many rooted African-American famillies have evolved from and their affects on the posterity?

    The toxins in your system, the counter health issues they can cause, as well as any adverse chiropractic conditions, might legitimately be a factor in the development of lethargy, fatigue, DEPRESSION and/or limited mobility.

    Nah, eh to Boris Kodjoe’s approach.

    Go ask a holistic doctor who really cares, and has the education to help you.

    For more tips, and to find a doctor near you visit

  4. i appreciate his commitment and I believe it is about talking about the touchy conversations, such as obese black women, that people do not want to address but that other races laugh at behind closed doors. It must be addressed and we must stop making excuses and stop getting angry and get moving to make a change for the better. whether he is attempting to gain publicity or generally concerned the issue of obesity in the black community is a fact that is killing people everyday. Each person has to start first with changing their mindset regarding food, identify why you are self soothing with food and if I hear one more person say that hate and will not excercise I am going to scream. It is a trifold approach mindset to make a lifestyle change not quick fix, excercise at least 5 days a week for 30 to 60 minutes (cardio and strength), and portion controlled meals. Plan and simply you have to be committed. Detoxing is are great but if you decide to start moving and eating sensibly the pounds will come melt off. A support system is also needed. Excuses are sabatoging creatures that will kill anyones desire to make changes.

  5. the man’s comment wouldnt bother black women so much if we were up on our game with our health. he’s just another one out there that is voicing the truth about the state of alot of black women. if his comment bothers you so much or it hits home, then get up and do something about it. alot of the excuses that he posted are ones that black women make. there really is NO EXCUSE, unless you are lying on your death bed, and at the rate things are going with the obesity crisis, some of us will be in that position sooner or later. let this and other comments similar to his be a wake up call for you. dont get mad, get healthy!!!

    • @bff: true but were not and for the one’s who are and for the one’s who aren’t i’m gonna say this an hour glass figure is applicable to a waist hip ratio if you’re morbidly obese you do not have an hour glass figure

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