Ladies, if you thought men would give you a break in these tough economic times, then think again. According to’s “Great Male Survey” over fifty percent of men will dump you if you gain weight. Couple this stat with these men’s response to surveyor’s question, what is their number one characteristic men look for in a mate–loyalty–we have a microcosmic look into to why our country’s political and economic systems are falling apart. One word: hypocrisy!

The fascinating aspect to this survey is that comes in the midst of our country’s new found compassion for obesity and obesity-related topics. Men, as well as, women are bigger than ever, with only one state in the union reporting less than a 20% obesity rate. America’s tough economic uncertainty is leading more people to patron fast-food joints for all three recommended meals of the day, putting extra stress on the over 70% of black families headed by single parents to provide nutritious meals for themselves and their offspring.

In a similar survey conducted by AskMen in conjunction with Cosmopolitan, “Great Female Survey,” women were definitely not as apt to leave their significant other over weight gain–only 20% thought it would be necessary to make a change.

In particular, black women are experiencing the largest weight increases among American women according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with over 75% classified overweight or obese.

Recently, some minority online publications have run and/or endorsed articles that called for black women to embrace other races, particularly white men, in order to find happiness and acceptance in relationships. Most of these articles cited that since white men are more financially stable, benevolent patriarchs, and better educated than their black counterparts, black women would finally have an equal to sit across from them that will accept their accession into higher economic brackets.

According to AskMen’s demographics page, it suggests that white men aren’t as forgiving as one might expect. The typical AskMen reader is everything that most black women–hell, all women–want: 28-year’s-old, 53% home ownership, over $72,000 annual income, and over 80% college educated, just to name a few. AskMen’s average reader not only detests larger women but also would like to more-than-likely cut you out of the decision-making process when it comes to procreation, as over 69% reported they would use male birth-control.

There is no evidence that confirms that black men have a prevalence for overweight women, but the perception that they do admire fat women is plausible because it’s easily observable to see black men with larger black women, suggesting they don’t have all that big of a problem with big, beautiful black women. Not to mention, the black popular culture anthems and music videos dedicated to exaggerated and sexualized breasts and butts of black woman. This is not say black men treat larger women with more respect or compassion than white men, all it does say is that black men enjoy larger woman intimately.

Some other revealing stats show that a majority of men feel women start to lose their looks around 40, which is usually around the same time men finally say it’s OK to date a woman with children–men we’re virtually split down the middle on the topic of dating a woman with children. Some white men seem to have their own issues, so as the old cliche says, the grass is not always greener on the other side–it’s usually all the same grass.

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