Conan the Barbarian will receive a revitalization once it opens in theaters across the nation on August 19th. The action movie’s hunky star, Jason Momoa, is sharing how he was able to put on a few pounds of bulk in order to rival his Conan predecessor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s world-class physique.

In an interview posted on celebitchy, we learned that The Game of Thrones actor ate some questionable food combinations, which definitely didn’t complement his rigorous workout regimen:

The Honolulu-born actor and model endured a grueling 6-hour daily exercise regimen to play the iconic action hero played onscreen in the ’80s by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“We do two hours of sword work first … then have a little break, eat a broiled chicken, do two hours of weight lifting and have cardio,” Momoa, 31, told reporters at a Comic-Con event in San Diego. “Then I’d go home and basically the best thing I could do is sleep and rest.”

The routine helped the 6′4″ actor bulk up from 210 to 230 pounds.

“His diet consisted of basically chicken breast and peanut butter,” producer Fredrik Malmberg said. “Peanut butter for energy on set because you burn a lot of calories … and not to lose the muscle and the mass that he built up.”

Well, it looks like Mamoa put his body into ketosis with a high-protein, high-fat diet, but he indicates how miserable sustaining such a damaging regimen is for longer than a few months.

When the film’s shooting finally wrapped … Momoa hightailed it to Italy for some serious carb therapy.

“I flew straight to Rome and just [ate] pasta,” Momoa said.

Much like most of the people who engage in ketosis-related diets, they almost certainly gain the weight back, quickly:

When Momoa returned to the small screen to portray Khal Drogo on HBO’s fantasy hit Game of Thrones, the actor put on another 10 pounds – this time of fat.

Momoa looks great either way, we just hope someone close to him — like the mother of his two children and vegetarian, Lisa Bonet — gets in his ear and convinces him eating right. We’d love for his insides to look as good as his outside!

[Source: celebitchy]

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