When President Obama was recently talking about children needing a full days worth of whole grains, he never envisioned the malt variety being the grain of choice.

A Bridgeport Connecticut woman was taken into custody after she was accused of forcing her 4-year-old son chug-down malt liquor beer and lacing her 10-month-old daughter bottles with cocaine and beer.

Juliette Dunn, who lives in Success Village, Conn., was sitting with a friend Lisa Jefferson on a playground when another mom flagged down officers and complained that she was feeding her child beer, the Connecticut Post reported.

Long gone are the days, we thought, when Billy-Dee Williams made Colt 45 malt liquor cool and appealing to blacks–who may have wanted to destroy their liver in the 80’s, hoping of possibly enjoying the virility Lando Calrissian marketed in his commercials

The high gravity beer–which at 8.1% alcohol content, quadruples the average beer–was allegedly given to the toddler and young boy by Dunn at a local playground, which is when a concerned passer-by alerted authorities.

According to the Connecticut Post report, the two women apparently were relaxed while the children played and drank the malted adult beverage:

Police said they spotted Dunn and Jefferson sitting at the playground, the young children on the ground next to them. As officers approached them, police said they spotted an empty 40-ounce bottle of Steel Reserve beer on the ground beside the boy. They said a baby bottle next to the baby contained a dark liquid that smelled strongly of an alcohol beverage. Dunn was identified as the children’s mother.

It was thought that people had moved on from malt liquor after many rappers made it fashionable to drink St. Ides again back in the 90’s and then came out admitted their mistakes, but, evidently, “liquid crack” has never really left. The average price for a 40oz hovers around $1.90 in comparison to the average Budweiser six-pack at $4.66.

Both children were taken to Bridgeport Hospital where police said both the boy and girl tested positive for alcohol and the 10-month-old also had cocaine in her system. While being examined, police said the 4-year-old told a social worker he likes, “Natural Ice beer, Budweiser beer, but didn’t like the taste of Dog-Bite beer.”

Police said Dunn told them Jefferson gives her son a bottle of beer everyday but she didn’t know how her 10-month-old daughter tested positive for cocaine since she doesn’t breast feed her.

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