For everyone who finds eating breakfast a cumbersome weekday ordeal, may I suggest an untraditional morning meal?  After all, we all know a good breakfast helps control weight, prevents snacking on sugary treats, and provides an extra dose of energy.  Puree vegetable soup is one idea that ‘brown-bags’ well when packed the night before with a hearty slice of whole-grain bread.  It’s a great year-round soup that’s delightful when reheated in the office microwave after struggling through a winter snowstorm.  It’s also refreshing in the midst of a summer heat wave when consumed at room or cold temperatures.  Since this soup is naturally sweet, I’ve used it as an extra energy boost a couple hours before an intensive workout.

Carrots are a root vegetable available year round.  They were originally white, yellow, red, and purple.  Around the 17th century, they were imported from Persia, modern day Iran, into Holland.  Today carrots in such colors are considered specialty or heirloom produce often found at farmer’s markets.  A vegetable often-displayed next to carrots are parsnips.  A spicy and sweeter cousin of the carrot, it’s delicious with mash potatoes and roast chicken, to name only a few of my favorite root vegetable dishes.

The surprise ingredient in this dish is the green garlic.  Green garlic is immaturely picked before it’s dried, for its taste is milder and not as pungent as the mature, dried garlic. Thinly slice or sniped the green stalks to use as a garlicky chive.  If you’re lucky to find a few green garlic bulbs at this time of year, buy a couple and experiment with them in your favorite recipes.  They’re mostly available early spring.

This is a very versatile soup that takes well with almost any spice.  Try pureeing this soup with fresh ginger or add a few fresh herbs such as flat-leaf parsley, oregano, or rosemary. In this version, I garnished the soup with crushed pink peppercorns for a spicy bite. Although, roasting is a cooking technique that caramelizes the vegetables for a sweet taste, they can be boiled in chicken stock* until soft before pureeing.

We’re all working quite hard these days and think eating breakfast during the weekday is time-consuming.  With a little meal planning by packing breakfast and lunch the night before, a well-balanced breakfast helps fights daily stress.  In these changing times, traditional doesn’t always work with modern lifestyles.  Enjoying a good breakfast is sometimes considered traditional, but it’ll always be a modern necessity.  Adjusting how breakfast is defined is an important step to protecting our health.

*Use the same stock, cooled to room temperature, when pureeing the vegetables.

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  1. I am a firm believer, and ardent fan of untraditional breakfasts – I adore soup, it’s my all time favorite food, so this is winning combination for me. Thanks so much, I’m going to start my morning off with a bowl. Hmm hmm good!

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