Well, another seemingly “good” politician has succumbed to the flattery and unaccountability of masculinity in America.  Anthony Weiner destroyed his short-term legitimacy and placed many of his wonderful environmental and animals rights projects in purgatory.  As a New York 9th district representative, Weiner drew headlines as a eco-friendly voice that appeared to match his speeches with much-needed action.

More often that not, Americans allow their politicians to assimilate back into public life with jovial and redemptive rhetoric.  It shouldn’t be a stretch to hope American voters will challenge Weiner to regain their confidence and support with behavior that is reflective of integrity and respect for women.  In our current state of environmental collapse, we, as a people, cannot afford to have politicians undercut the environment for the instant gratification of sex, drugs, and cash.  All we can do is hope for former Rep. Weiner to accept and change his behavior, but we don’t have to sit back hope that his numerous projects won’t fall by the wayside.

Here are some of his projects and how you can get involved:

In 2001, Weiner co-wrote and sponsored the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act, which would have banned commercial logging on government owned lands.  The bill died before a vote could take place in Congress.

Weiner stayed consistent by voting against a proposed acceleration of controlled deforestation.  Even though proponents claimed it would help with prevention of wildfires, “spread of disease,” and bug infestations, Weiner voice his opposition by asserting that the bill was reckless and dangerous to ecosystems

Check out Forests.org for tons of great information on protecting forests here in America and abroad.

As far as animal rights are concerned, Weiner stood firm in his displeasure for the government’s disregard for endangered species.  He voted against a bill that would have amended the Endangered Species Act by deactivating “critical area” status for habitats that housed said animals.

Always go to PETA.org to get the latest information on animal protection.

He supported the federal governments “Cash for Clunkers” program that helped Americans trade in inefficient SUV’s and cars for gas-friendly alternatives.  Close to 700,000 “clunkers” were traded in at an average of $4500 per rebate.  Coupled with his service on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which plays a vital role in the Clean Air Act, Weiner’s record would appear to show his concern for curbing Americans addiction to oil.

Become familiar with the Environment Protection Agency so you make sure their using your tax dollars wisely and living up to their promise.

Losing a congressman with a 94% pro-environmental voting record will hurt, but we should not leave it up to elected officials to help raise awareness and fight for our environment.  Let’s get moving and take action!

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