Stop Living To Eat

by — Jun 28, 2011

From Clutch –  We are supposed to eat to live, not live to eat. But that wisdom is lost on so many of us, who routinely overindulge in our favorite foods (or on food that just happens to be there). The term “comfort food” speaks to the emotional attachment people tend to have to dishes and items that can make them feel good when life has got them down or out of sorts. In fact, some of us have emotional attachments to food in general; we run to food when we are happy, when we are sad, when we want to celebrate, when we feel insecure. We have social functions centered around food and holiday gatherings that combine family time (yay!) with total gluttony (boo!)…

I’ve long since had an unhealthy relationship with food. A lightly chubby child who became a “thick” teenager and a big college girl, my eating was so often patterned around how I felt, not what nutrition I needed to take in to fuel my ever expanding body. While I kept a pescatarian (fish-only) diet that was relatively low in salt and devoid of fried foods, I was a sugar monster with a major Starbucks habit and love of all baked goods. And, I NEVER worked out.

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