Oxfam says its time for a new movement. GROW is a campaign for billions of people to seek practical change on the social issues that perpetuate global hunger. Pretty ambitious, right? They already know.

On Civil Eats, Vicki Rateau, the manager of Oxfam’s GROW campaign, outlines the plan:

We will campaign for investments in small-scale food producers to increase their productivity, self-reliance, climate resilience, and economic opportunity. We will campaign for an end to excessive speculation in agricultural commodities that drives food price spikes. We will campaign to modernize food aid so that 50 cents of every dollar is no longer wasted serving industry lobbyists ahead of hungry people and the American taxpayer. We will campaign to stop giveaways to the corn-ethanol industry that drive up food prices. We will campaign to regulate land and water grabs to instill much needed transparency and sanity into global land deals.

What do you think of Oxfam’s GROW campaign? Speak on it.

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