When Curtis James Jackson III made his grand entrance into mainstream hip-hop, my girlfriends barely could keep their panties on. No one measured up to 50 Cent: his swagger, lyrical skills, and oh yes, those muscles.

“Girl, I want a man like that. I love ‘em tall and big.”

“Really?” I wasn’t moved.

“Yes, I want him to pick me up and throw me somewhere (read: sexually). I’d love a piece of that.”

“Wow. Well, I’ll have to pass on that. He’s too damn big. I’d be afraid he’d crush me.”

While I’ve dated all types of dudes, I’m pretty standard on body types. If you’re not lean, toned, and muscular, I probably won’t touch you. It’s simply my thing. You know, I’m into the track and soccer types. Since I’m barely 5’3 and slightly over 120 pounds, I’m not a feeling the idea of a 300-pound football player. I’ll pass. One wrong move in the bedroom and he literally could crush me. My libido just dies in the thought.

But my girlfriends are muscular men die-hearts. Pair 50 Cent’s body with a degree, thriving career, and traditional family values, you might witness a catfight. I have a friend that would jump on the plane in a minute to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s wife.

I’d roll over before accepting even a night. But of course, there’s some overlap in our attractions. We appreciate those who fall in between the lean and huge. We love Boris Kodjoe, Derek Luke, and would do Tyrese in heartbeat (with a no talking rule). It all depends on your preference, unless you’re just not into muscles at all.

Let’s have a little fun for Frugivore Month. What are your thoughts on muscular men? Love it or hate it? Weigh in.

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  1. I like em either way…LOL. Oh man, The Rock but also someone like Idris Elba…actually he’s muscular too..not as big as the Rock so some lean & some muscles…depends on the man.

  2. To be honest, I wouldn’t be attracted to a man like 50… Really big muscles always make me think a man is overcompensating for a really small something else! I prefer men who are toned and strong, yet have a little layer of fat so that it doesn’t hurt when you lay your head on their chest to cuddle… so I guess I like ’em not too muscular but not fat either.

    • @Ash:

      I thought I was the only one. Sleeping on sidewalks is not the business (neither is being hugged by one)… so why make your chest feel like one?

  3. I like my man to be healthy, and if that happens to coincide with him being swole up, then so be it!

  4. I agree with Ash. I like guys who’s muscles look like they were developed from some sort of hard work, not because he’s always in the gym.

  5. I honestly don’t wish to have the guy who looks he’s competing for world’s strongest man but I do rather enjoy muscles. Those regular ones you get from working out & lifting weights in the gym a few times a week are all I need though.

  6. You’ll are stupid, do you want a boy or a man? I like my me big and strong, who not scared to do some hard work in the gym for his girl. I like my men muscular, buff or sometime cubby. Working hard to make progress is what defines a man, I don’t want a man that small as iam, sorry! Youll men keep up the good work.

  7. Train like a pro athlete and compete like one..Yet I have a B.A. Degree and have a brain

    Your all uneducated bitches that’s axiomatic. There’s a difference between buff, ripped, lean, swollen, puffy, big, fat, and simply roided up. The rock is on steroids, 50 cent is puffy look at his round puffy face, Being buff usually means a lot of water weight. I’d expect you tramps to know about this one. Tyrese is actually lean and ripped, Not big at all which is what most guys strive for but cant achieve to do genetics, self control, and height. Now you see when one tries to attain some muscles it is not like you pic out yur clothes dumb bitches. There are too many factors that are vital. So how about you try and workout your brain before your fat slob body gets some attention dumb whores who know nothing but what a dick in the ass feels like.

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