Summer is here, and it’s time to recommit to your goals of losing weight and gaining muscle.  Check out the forum section for more information about me and interesting, informative conversations on all things health, fitness, and nutrition related.

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  1. Your cousin Sandy is now almost 100% raw. I have adopted this as a healthy lifestyle and I thank you for your webmag. Much love, Cousin Sandy

  2. Congrats Shane.
    This is Ramon your cousin inlaw.. So proud of what your doing, by the way I saw your mom’s yesterday she looked really, really good and she told me it was all due to your guidence. Much props I’m hoping to get on the band wagon to shed and get healthy as well.

  3. Thank You so much for your support Ramon. I’m glad our work here is reverberating with you and the rest of my family. Talk to you soon…

  4. Hey Shane! Why do you disagree with the “good fat” theory?

    Coconut oil?
    olive oil?
    flax oil?

    All “good” fats right?

    I have been vegan high raw consistently for years. I currently have similar goals of muscle gain, food choices, and mode of training. Tabata HIIT , heavier lifting, and varied cardio, and yoga. This is what P90x is essentially. I’m Generally trying to be well informed and strategic.

    I have been reading a bunch on fitness/bodybuilding, and frankly all I can find as far as nutrition advice from that world is Chicken breasts, egg whites, whey protein, and fish. These are NOT options for me, and I have to really dissect food for what it is. There is not much on vegan bodybuilding out there, though i had a book years ago called Raw Power.

    My mistake was taking time off from my lifting, and continuing to eat as if i were weight training. I have grown to love my protein smoothies. But then i need to do the activity to accompany the fuel. Train for my eating and eat for my training. Needing to assess the sugar ( no bananas 🙁 for now) and salt, and timing.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing your progress beyond P90X day 1. 🙂

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