If you were sleeping under a rock, Oprah Winfrey retired her internationally-syndicated, chart-breaking, award-winning talk show yesterday. While 25 years of non-stop programming has earned Oprah the right to step away, her retirement certainly leaves a gap in daytime television. Many ask, “Who will be the next Oprah?” But the better question is: “Who will be the next Oprah of fitness and nutrition,” for all the health advocates.

Yes, there is Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz, whom are great experts and media personalities. But where’s the diversity?

Is it too much to ask for another brown-skin black woman to “run the world,” but this time in fitness and nutrition? Since black and latino communities lead the struggle in weight-related diseases and piss poor diets, it truly would be inspiring to see someone who looks like them, advocating for fitness, nutrition, and health on mainstream television.

Is it plausible to expect an Oprah of fitness, nutrition, and health in this lifetime? Speak on it.

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