It seems like PETA is not the only animal welfare group to craft a creative campaign. In Germany, NOAH collaborated with an advertising agency to stock a vending machine with live chickens.

Claudia Cukrov writes for PSFK:

Hoping to highlight the exceedingly uncomfortable living conditions of battery-caged hens, the German equivalent to PETA created the Egg Machine and positioned it at the Frankfurt city centre. Stocked with live chickens users who interacted with the machine did not receive a chicken, or even an egg, instead the vendor distributed coins which detailed the four different farming systems of hens and eggs.

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  1. This is ridiculous! They are causing similar harm to these animals to make their point which is an extreme method, but how many are they reaching? How effective is this cruelty?

  2. Ingenious Ad. I love when people start bringing reality to the streets! Rock On!!!

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