Last Monday, we asked you to list your favorite workout tunes to create a Fruigvore playlist. We received tons of song suggestions from Blue Six and Wiz Khalifa to Janet Jackson and CeCe Peniston. Surely, we’ll give you something aurally new to add to your workout regimen. This week’s song is Femi Kuti’s “Do Your Best,” recommended by Frugivore reader and blogger Gangstarr Girl.


Will this be your new workout jam? Tell us what you think of the song!

(side note: do not smoke like Mos Def!)

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  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I lurrrrve this song. It helps me when I’m running and whenever I’m feeling unmotivated in general (I’m NOT a morning person so this song helps me to wake up as well). I love chanting the hook, “You can but only do your best, then you will have to leave the rest!” So true.

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