As a child, I remember grunting at my mother everytime she bought us any other lettuce than romaine. I hated the taste of “mixed greens” and spinach leaves certainly were at the bottom of my palette’s list. But then, I got older and started to become a health freak between running track and changing my nutritional habits. I’m not sure when the transition happened, but I know that romaine lettuce became relegated to sandwiches only. And I slowly began to balk at any lettuce that didn’t have deep green pigment.

Yesterday, I went food shopping with my grandmother and it seemed like romaine lettuce was the only option for our salad craving. As spinach leaves are the main staples of my salad in New York, the romaine lettuce felt too crunchy and like eating air. I mean, are there any nutrients in them at all? (being sarcastic)

Well, I guess it’s true. The older you get, the more you become like your mother.

Are you a salad snob? Confess!

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  1. No! I’ll eat any lettuce that tastes good.

  2. I am definitely a Salad Snob! I don’t like iceberg or romaine lettuce I have to have Spinach for my salad. Everyone thinks I’m crazy but I know what I like.

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