A reinvigorated Van Jones, 42, spoke at the Power Shift Summit in Washington D.C. on April 15.  In a keynote address, Jones frenzied the crowd with sentimental and idealistic rhetoric that young people haven’t heard since President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.  Well, it’s time to act on those words.

Today Earth Day celebration should include action to go along with the many powerful words delivered by great orators like Jones and President Obama.  Over-privileged governments will not recognize climate justice or Southern Hemisphere reparations without the young people of today rallying around nature and ecosystems, furthering the cause and becoming one with the earth.

Take the time to listen to this man that was silenced by our government because of the immense pressure placed on people and their governments by multi-national organizations.

FrugiVoice: What is your opinion on Van Jones or his speech?

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  1. Very impressive and this movement deserve recognition and action by all.

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