Here is a throwback clip from way back in 2003, when Common wore crocheted hats and Erykah Badu only had one child, Seven.  These two beautiful entertainers talked about getting healthy and what spraked them on the path toward holistic health and cruelty free lifestyles.

Even though they both have gone their separate ways from each other and at least one artist is not completely Vegan, (Erykah Badu’s “public” diet is still up for debate) they still live as holistically as possible.  Either way, they are shining examples of how to balance a proper diet and live a demanding, fast-paced lifestyle which can be an inhibitor of a clean diet.


Here’s a breakdown of some of the talking points in this video that’s still very poignant today:

Common Interview

0:03–Common breaks down how his change in diet reflects positively upon his music

0:58–How becoming a vegetarian helped his performance on and off stage.

1:27–Why Common is happy with his decision!

1:47–What Erykah Badu said that struck him to make the switch from a Pescetarian to vegetarian

2:14–Why Common ultimately made the change for himself

Erykah Badu Interview

2:56–Erykah Badu talks about how she was introduced to Chlorophyl by Supa Nova Slom

5:58–How she maintained her focus on a diet devoid of animal products with help of Queen Afua

6:15–The breakdown of her seasonal diet and staying away from

6:43–Why she doesn’t have to market her Veganism to anyone…

7:00–What were the benefits of Veganism and living a cruelty upon her life?

8:09–What can Hip-Hop culture gain from adhering to some, if not all, of the lifestyle changes Erykah went through?

8:34–What are some of steps people, who interested in living a holistic life, can take in order to heal their bodies?

Check out the video here:

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  1. I understand Erykah Badu is a holistic practitioner and has patients. Where can she be contacted?

  2. I would love to have that shirt Erykah Badu is wear “bite me I’m vegan”

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