On your last date did you order a salad instead of the juicy hamburger you were hungry for? If you did, you’re not alone because a lot of females change their eating habits in the company of men. It’s a problem that begins in childhood and one school in Witchita, Kansas noticed that single sex lunchrooms made the students more inclined to finish their meals.

“The girls really seem to like it because they get their girl time without having to worry about boys,” said Michael Archibeque, principal at Pleasant Valley Middle School.”

The concept is catching on because this year at least 524 public schools have classrooms that were single sex, up from about a dozen in 2002, according to the National Association for Single-Sex Public Education, reported Reuters.

One woman at Glamour reported that she just ordered mozzarella sticks on a date while the guy ordered a triple-decker sandwich and fries. That’s just sad.

In the early stages of a relationship you want to put the best foot forward and shoveling greasy food in your mouth isn’t attractive. But being someone you’re not and going hungry isn’t either. Enjoy your food no matter what it is and try not to let your nerves get the best of you.

Do you think you’ve eaten differently in front of guys?

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  1. Yes i do, but I shouldn’t care, most men are so busy talking about themselves, they don’t notice one way or the other.

  2. Heck no! It’s steak or burgers no matter the company.

  3. No ma’am! I keep it real on every occasion. If a man (or woman) can’t accept the way I eat, there’s no reason to continue the relationship. I am always going to strive to be comfortable in front of my mate while eating. I can’t imagine not being myself in as intimate a moments as eating with my partner. Crazy!

  4. Yes!!!! I cant help it. I think it started with my first date when the boy said “damn you eat fast!” I was traumatized since that date! LOL. but seriously, I feel it’s built into us through cotillions, debutantes, Jack n Jill programs, and overall old traditions passed down from our oppressed elders. Read Toni Cade Bambara “The lesson”

  5. Nope, I like food. You best believe I’m ordering a full meal just like him.

    • @Neems:
      I agree with you wholeheartedly. On my first date with my now husband I ordered a full entree and even asked to try a small sample what he had. I’ve always been that way. He teased me about my appitite but I think he appriciated me being real. He said that women on dates try to act as if they didn’t eat. For me life is too short not to eat the foods you love and be real with people.

  6. Absolutely! I remember the first date with my now boyfriend. He ordered chicken and cheese fries and I ate a salad. He even made a comment asking if salad was all I would be eating. I thought I was the only woman watching what I ate in front of others that don’t know me. This is a great article!

  7. I’ll order what I want, but only eat 1/2 and take the rest to go.

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