It’s easy to maintain negative thinking today with so many ills in the world. But Rene Descartes was on to something when he uttered, “Cogito ergo sum” or “I think, therefore I am.” Your thoughts make you who you are and there’s always room to reflect on the positive things in life that you’re grateful for. Fortunately, these sunny thoughts come with concrete benefits.

For example, there is nothing more beautiful than someone with a big smile on his or her face. When you think of good things and are happy, it shows, you may not be able to help but smile.

Confidence is also a major payoff of positive thinking. Frequent negativity can contribute to feelings of hopelessness. When you engage in positive thinking you are able to see solutions to problems and create ways to better grapple with hardships. Your positive thoughts can make you feel more capable, confident and better equipped to handle anxiety, depression and stress in your life. If you’re more able to handle stress, you’re likely to take on more challenges in your personal life and career. The benefits of these challenges are endless and can include starting a new relationship or getting a promotion at work.

But, to be successful on your journey to becoming a more positive person it will benefit you to surround yourself with other optimistic people. Negative people will only drain you of your good energy. If you notice your positive outlook is not rubbing off on these Debbie and Doug Downers, it may be time to remove yourself from toxic environments.

Struggling with where to start seeing the bright side of things? Try meditating, deep breathing, or making lists of things that you enjoy or people that you love. The positive thoughts will eventually start to flow when you take a minute to reflect. You may be surprised at all the reasons you have to smile. Good luck!

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  1. Great advice. Cleaning up you space of negative people reduces your stress level and positively affects your physical health, as well as mental health, directly by staving off stress related illnesses, such as colds, hypertension, heart disease, muscular aches and pains, cancer, etc., in addition to depression as you pointed out.

    Again, great advice.

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