Transformations bring the best out people’s collective will. No one transforms oneself without the help of the people around them. America’s idealistic vision of the “self-made” person is only a myth. Everything starts with the individual, but ends with a community.

Case in point: “The Fruitarian” Michael Arnstein. Arnstein is a fruitarian, which means his diet consists mostly of fruit. He is an ultra marathoner, husband, and father of 3. He is an inspiration to people who want to change their bodies in the short and long term through adherence to proper eating habits.

It is not a stretch to suggest that Arnstein did not become a phenomenal physical specimen by himself. Support that originated in himself helped everyone around him understand their role in his life.

When starting a fitness and nutrition regimen, broadly speaking, the people in your life can stay and help, which is great. Conversely, some of your friends and family may step back, and sometimes that is as supportive as the people who are there for you everyday.

Arnstein, 33, shares video about his transformation from a somewhat fit runner to the best shape of his life after becoming a fruitarian. As a runner, he found he was able to push his body further by eliminating cooked foods from his diet.

We here at Frugivore want to stress that fruitarianism is not the only way to eat properly, but it is a great way to complement a rigorous workout regimen. “The Fruitarian” can be found on his website here.

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  1. You can’t argue with those abs!

  2. This is an excellent contribution. It is convincingly strong for the fsrugivore lifestyle. The question is does his wife and kids eat the same way? Are they halfway raw or all raw?

    Can a person eat only raw for certain meals and which should they eat raw versus cooked? Give us your take on this compromise.

  3. those abs speak for themselves

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