This Is What Revolution Looks Like!

The poor and working class of Tunisia have sparked one of the first large-scale secular demonstrations against totalitarian rule in a Muslim nation.  This is a largely non-violent, yet highly aggressive front in response to wage stagnation and rising food prices.

This revolution is unlike what we see in America with the Tea Party movement, as they are inclusive and do not have many of the ugly undertones of racism and xenophobia–mainly, in part, because most of the country are of the same ethnic Sunni Muslim sect.

I cannot say enough about the courage and determination for Muslims to rise up against tyranny and the wealthy without much religious dogma, especially in a time when all Muslim-rebellion is contextualized on corporate media outlets as a faith-based jihad against American democracy.

Next, maybe, they will start working on liberating women from the bondage of patriarchy…

Stand up!

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  1. It’s refreshing to see something about Tunisia in the American media. This isn’t though, about Muslim tyranny. Ben Ali, the now exiled president of Tunisia was far from an Islamic leader; he banned women from wearing headscarves and banned the broadcasting of the call to prayer that you’d often hear in other Muslim places such as Dubai, parts of Nigeria, Egypt etc.

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