Frederic Patenaude, the raw food enthusiast and “guru,” is coming out with another book aptly called Raw Food Controversies.  I am not one to promote a book without compensation, but Patenaude writes in such a conversational manner, he makes raw foodism inviting for the curious and skeptics alike.

I’m particularly intrigued by this book because of the content, which deals with his personal journey and experience with the raw food.  Hopefully, he will breakdown what he went through to find peace within a raw diet.  I am on my own mission, and since I have not had any raw foodist reach out to me, outside of some very supportive friends, I definitely want to read his memoir for support.

Patenaude is one of favorite authors, and with several books, he is certainly one of the most prolific writers in the raw food world.  He is low-fat raw foodist, which is an important distinction because most raw food restaurants serve high fat menus.  He eats similar to my diet on the Frugivore Challenge, and I use lots of recipes from his book, Easy Raw Food Recipes.

So, please stay close to Frugivore for the latest updates regarding the release date of Patenaude’s new book or any other raw food information.  I know you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. This book looks very intriguing!

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