As you groom this month, don’t forget to clip your toenails. Super-long toenails can be harmful for runner’s feet if they rub up against your shoes.

For some runners, toenail issues might be unavoidable. Repeated training can injure toenails and cause subungual hematomas, also known as black toenails caused by blood gathering underneath. There’s no way to make it go away except to wait for it to fall off after a healthy nail bed re-grows itself underneath.

Also, long toenails can cut into the skin of neighboring toes and cause them to bleed and be sore while running.

Clipping is important, but remember too much or too little of anything is never good for you. Cutting toenails too short or with rounded edges can cause an ingrown toenail if it grows down into the skin of the toe, causing redness. It can also open you up to the possibility of an infection.


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