I had a very weird experience on my fourth day on the Frugivore Challenge. I had a longing for something very sweet in the morning, even though I did not have an appetite in the traditional sense. I was craving fruit for the first time and that would not be the last time that this would happen throughout the day. If anyone who knows me would tell you, I normally need iced coffee to get up in the morning. This is amazing!

I had a very productive day in the weight room and concentrated on my abs and continuing working to get back in the ring later this year. Yes I said the RING! I would like to finish what I started two years ago at X3 Sports, when I was training as Mixed Martial Artist. I love the concentration involved in getting the most demanding form of physical human expression out of the body, in my opinion, it’s the real beauty and discipline of fighting. It is not about trying to be tougher or trying to bully someone, but it’s really about allowing your body to express emotions that are inarticulate.

My diet really helped me to push through the workout at X3, and I found a great drink that will hopefully blow Gatorade out the market. I improved on a drink I first read about in Dr. Douglas Graham’s book, Nutrition and Athletic Performance. Dr. Graham called for blending a banana with a quart of water, giving an athlete a boost in natural electrolytes that are inherent in bananas. Well, I added some celery and two dates to the mix which gave the drink a sweeter taste. I really was hydrated throughout the workout, but I was drained by the end. After drinking the energy drink, I really felt good and possibly ready for another session. But, I am not crazy, that class really took my energy. No mo’ . . .

I went through the rest of the day noticing how my muscles felt after kicking, punching, and working my abs to fatigue. I was really tight, so I knew I had to visit an old love of mine, yoga. I had not done yoga consistently in over a year, and I was a little nervous about if I would be able to hang with the class. But, I knew the tightness I felt in my muscles would loosen if I went to yoga.

Once I arrived at yoga class at Kashi Atlanta, I knew I had made the right decision and my energy levels seemed to spike as laid my mat down to begin class. I had a very nice instructor and I was very in-tune with her instruction. I took the class called Restorative Yoga that helps people with injuries find a perfect way to gain balance in yoga and relaxation practices.

After class, I felt great and flexible again. I made my dinner which consisted of a banana and date salad with green leaf lettuce. I finally fell asleep before ten o’clock, which was a plus. I have to really continue to be aware of the things that will cause sudden spikes in my adrenaline system (TV, Gossip sites, Twitter); it will help me to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Well on to my legs workout today! Wish me luck . . .

For more of my workout or any other questions pertaining to this blog you can email me shane@frugivoremag.com and I will give you the rest of my workout and nutritional plan for the week.

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