Three days in, and I am still alive off eating exclusively fruits and vegetables.  I have not added any nuts or seeds to my diet yet, but I am sure my body will start telling me when it needs some more fat and protein.

Yesterday was an enlightening day in the sense that I really became aware of the mental aspects of this Frugivore Challenge.  The rain fell yesterday here in Atlanta steadily and softly most of the day.  I thought that the rain would have bothered me or put me in dreary mode, but it did not really get to me as much as other people’s dispositions.  Not to say anyone in particular bothered me at all, but I had to really recognize my own personality in them, which was the most troubling.

Was I sad? Was I depressed? Was I scared of a relationship? Was I a bad friend? Was I drug addict? Was I scatter-brained? Was I really happy? Am I an Alpha-male?  Was I a jerk?  Did I make bad decisions?  Did I want to be here?

I have always felt this journey would be more mental than physical and I guess I received the first real awakening yesterday.  I will have to answer those questions in some form or fashion, or the Frugivore Challenge will fall apart.

But on to the ratchetness of the day.  I found a great drink for a pre-workout shake.  Allow me to share the following:

7 bananas, 5 stalks of celery, and 2 pomegranates, 2 cups of water, and blend….

There is a craze for pomegranate juice in the bodybuilding community because of the fruit’s ability to give protection to the lifter’s Nitric Oxide (NO) levels during that all-desired “pump.”  NO is believed, by many researchers, to help humans receive their extra stamina when they are in the their last reps before failure.

I’m really into pomegranate juice and that extra shot inside my banana & celery smoothie really helped me get through another grueling weight-room session consisting of biceps & triceps and a little shoulder work.

Getting my arms back is very important to me, not only because they’re a show piece body part, but because they’re vital to me building the rest of my upper body.  If I don’t have strong triceps, I will not be able to improve on a myriad of chest routines.  If my biceps fail me, my back will never expand to its maximum potential.

I went to sleep on a conversation with one of favorite people in my whole wide world and even though it was late for a conversation, it put me to sleep in a peaceful manner.  Boy, do I miss the West-Coast!

Workout Shoulder & Arms

Shoulder Press 1 set 16 reps light weight

Arm Curls – 1 set 12-15 reps light weight

Triceps Extensions – 1 set 12-15 reps light weight

For more of my workout or any other question pertaining to this blog you can email me and I will give you the rest of my workout and nutritional plan for the week.

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