This holiday season has been filled with many treasures. It has brought laughter, joy, and, of course, food. As always we warmly embraced its gifts. We ate enough desert to feed a starving village, and had more turkey than the law should allow. We swapped recipes and prepared culinary masterpieces that could have easily given Martha Stuart a run for her money.

Finally the New Year is here!

The problem is that, for many of us, old acquaintances are not the only things to be forgotten. No, the harsh reality is that we must also forget our old clothing size. The numbers on the scale have crept passed their home and landed in the little ole’ house from the horror movies.

Just like the skinny chick who dies in the first ten minutes, we also let out a painful gut-wrenching scream. The bad news is that this is not a movie and it won’t be over in a couple of hours. The good news is that, unlike the skinny chick who dies in the first ten minutes, we are not hopeless.

If you have found yourself screaming at the numbers in front of you, then relax—there is hope. With a little effort and a lot of determination, you can flee this terror and return to the safe house of fitness and freedom.

  • Drink more water. This will help to provide a full feeling and discourage over eating.
  • Write down what you eat. This will keep you from forgetting those sneaky little bites throughout the day that can pack on the pounds.
  • Wear a belly band. This simple fitness device was originally meant for exercise, but it is a neat way to remind yourself to cut back. It is pretty hard to overeat when you have something pressing against your stomach all day.
  • Ditch loose and comfy clothing. Oversized clothing can make you forget your goal. You may feel like you haven’t gained a lot a weight when you have. It’s best to wear clothes that fit your particular size. Things with an actual number. Letters like L, M, and S often cover a range of different sizes and can make it harder to monitor your weight when you’re not using the scales.
  • Celebrate the small steps, even if you have only lost two pounds. You should rejoice since this means that your metabolism is still working. If you can lose one pound then you can lose 50. You just have to be consistent and determined.
  • Look in your glass. What your drinking may contain a load of calories. If you drink a lot of juice and soda, you will most likely slim down once these beverages are eliminated from your diet.
  • Rate your food. Rate your food from most liked to least liked. Ask yourself how much of what you eat regularly do you really like. For example, do you get that donut everyday because you enjoy it or do you get it because that’s what you always do? If you don’t like it all that much then try a healthier option. A whole wheat bagel or bran muffin may be equally delicious with less calories. Try replacing that cup of coffee with warm green tea. It can give you the same little pick-me-up with an added metabolic boost.
  • Cook it yourself. If you eat out more than once a week then you should definitely prepare your own food. Many times, the exact same meal can be prepared at home using less fat or sugar. For example, fries baked in the oven with a little cooking spray or olive oil are much healthier than the deep fried fries of the fast food industry.
  • Get a new hobby. Do all of your hobbies involve food and snacks? For example, do you meet for lunch with the girls every week to gossip and discuss your love life? How about meeting at the gym? Those funny conversations are an excellent way to pass time while on the elliptical.
  • Hang around fit people. If you want to live a healthier life,then you might want to find some other healthy people to show you the ropes. This will teach you about the lifestyle and motivate your efforts.
  • Don’t give up. If you stay focused on your fitness goals no matter what, then you’ll ultimately lose weight. It is inevitable. If you mess up or get off track, then get right back on track and stay with it. Whatever you do, don’t stop completely.
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