First, I want to thank you for visiting Frugivore Magazine and taking interest in the Frugivore Challenge. The Frugivore Challenge will document my day-to-day journey to gain “real” muscle on a low-fat raw food diet. This diet will consist of mainly fruits and vegetables, along with nuts and seeds. I will stay away from stimulants and popular workout supplements such as, protein powder and creatine. I want to illuminate the propaganda that dominates the fitness and nutrition industries, while helping readers understand the fundamental principles of adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Since becoming a vegan, primarily for practical reasons, I have become enamored with the raw movement and its ability to present a strong case for health and sustainability. I have seen the numerous videos from raw enthusiasts who claim they have healed a myriad of health related diseases by adopting a raw diet. Moreover, the raw movement continues to surge to the forefront of the conversation in the battle to claim who boast the superior “ideal” human diet, despite having some of the most vocal and passionate critics.

Well, I figured, why not have a thorough account of what one must go through to achieve balance on a raw diet? Furthermore, why not demystify the science of weight gain and loss while on a raw diet; basically, free two birds with one blog. I will engage in a dialogue with my readers that inform them and help me articulate the practicality of the raw movement in relation to the ever-changing marketplace and dying ecosystem.

Considering the dire state in which we find the earth and its inhabitants, finding a harmonious way to eat that will allow the human species to consume food without destroying or significantly altering our delicate ecosystems, will define our generation’s ability to survive. In saying this, the Frugivore Challenge involves much more than just learning how to eat and exercise on a raw diet, but it investigates the utopian views of many raw food gurus who suggest the raw diet will help change the fundamental market principles of capitalism.

So, the Frugivore Challenge is much more than just giving the online community my opinion on raw food, but it will afford readers an opportunity to see if the raw movement is inclusive, or just another middle class marketing ploy to help the privileged and addicted maintain their dominance over food-related discourse.

So please enjoy the ride and welcome to the resistance!

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  1. Well, how have you been doing on such diet? I’m a vegan myself

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