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by — Dec 20, 2010

The year is drawing to a close, and many people are contemplating past events and looking ahead to the New Year and new beginnings. For many around the world and right here at home- this has been a year fraught with disaster, pain, uncertainty, and dire need for the basic necessities.  What is clear is that rampant materialism and greed have brought us to where we are now.  Turning the tide against the corporate machine and in favor of our universal connection isn’t easy –but is most certainly attainable.  One of the best ways to do this is to gift consciously this holiday season. For those in tune to the pulse of life- the mall won’t provide you that soul warming feeling of knowing that thru your awareness of others you are making a positive impact on the lives of others.  Conscious giving presents an alternative for those who wish to do more than simply donate funds.

Here are five websites that will allow you to give a gift that gives over and over again:

1.– this site features handmade goods made by women all over the world.  They are eco-friendly, fair trade and the profits go to support the funding of grants and support for the women that supply the online store.

2.– this organization supports the provision of clean water to the nearly one billion people around the world that don’t have access to safe drinking water.   They have a number of items for sale including BPA free and steel water bottles.  One hundred percent of the profits will go the group’s mission.

3. Global Girlfriend – is another wonderful site dedicated to providing women and families with not just charity but a way to support themselves.  Aspiring women that are seeking to provide a living for themselves and family members make most of the items sold in the store.  In their gifts that give more section, the site also makes it possible for browsers to make direct gifts to a variety of causes and situations.

4. UNICEF – dedicated to reducing the number of child deaths that occur every day, which now hovers around 22,000.  They have a store that sells gifts suitable for every member of your family.  Proceeds from the gifts go to support this organization that is on the frontline of the war to save the worlds’ children.

5. SERVV- this is a site that places the work of artisans and craftsmen in a number of poor countries in one market place.

This holiday give a gift and change a life – show love for your friends and family and love for your fellow man in one fell swoop.  These sites offer a number of types of gifts ranging from jewelry and household items to clothes and other crafty gifts. While the above list is in no way comprehensive it’s a great place to get started on the path of conscious giving

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