Name: Shane “The Ultimate Frugivore”

Location: Frugivore Land

Hi Everyone! I am excited to welcome you to Frugivore magazine. The idea for Frugivore came about because of my passion for living a health and fruitful life.

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  1. So proud of you Shane!! I am def on this journey with you. Congrats! This IS MAJOR!

  2. WOW Shane! The site looks great. Game changer for sure.

  3. Hi Big Brother! You go ‘head with yo bad self! I had to leave a first reaction… but for real… this is awesome… I love the site and of course I am so proud of you! 😉



  4. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! I raised You to always Love yourself and then you will be able to share the Fruits of your success with others! Thank you for making a difference in our lives…

    My heart is so full that your Dad has to roll me around in a cart!

    Loving My MB

  5. this is great shane! proud of you

  6. Website looks great. Keep up the good work.

  7. Very impressive Shane! It’s so exciting to see your vision as it grows. Best of luck… 😉

  8. Carney Hamilto-Dorsey

    Hi Shane, your dad just gave me this website on Sunday while I was visiting with your family. This is so awesome that you have devloped this type of eating attitude at such a young age. I can’t imagine not eating anything but fruits and veggies but I certainly will try it and give you my results. Good Luck and much success in your new venture!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Shane, I’m interested in learning more about this fitness regimen. Way to go!

  10. Hey Shane!
    Im proud of you! Glad to see you doing great things. Im going to use this website as a resource so i can eat better as well!

  11. I’m proud of you man! Great job on this new endeavor you’ve embarked on. I wish you great success. See you as soon as I get back!

  12. Congrats on an outstanding quest Big Shane. I need to know how we can sell this to the world.
    Let me know how I can be down to help you on your journey to teach the world to be healthy.
    I definitely think this is something that could benefit the masses.

  13. SHANE!!!! I am so going to follow your lead! I love what you are doing. thanks so much for sharing and caring.
    Crystal Poland

  14. Wow! Everytime I look at this site, I am amazed and inspired. I think most of us know we need to improve our diets, but we get lulled back to sleep and society spreads its snuggly blanket of fast food and preservatives upon us. Our habits are fixed and our hectic schedules enable our zombie food coma. But just a quick jaunt to this site is a refreshing and eye opening wake up call that I can engage in daily. Now, my lunch will be a healthier choice and therefore my dinner as well. Soon, I will be forming new and better habits, thanks to you Shane!

  15. WoW, This site is great! I have been doing much research in regards to juicing and just how to improve my eatiing habits all around. Meeting you and learning how you changed your life has inspired me to do the same. It will definitely that me some time to get on the right tract, but having a start in the right direction feels great already. Keep up the good work and continue to spread the word….You see i heard you!!

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