Do You Think Victoria Secret's Models Are The Picture of Health and Fitness?

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  1. I don’t that VS models are particularly unhealthy looking, as some high fashion [super]models have appeared….
    In fact I’d probably say that they may be some of the healthier/fit looking models in the entire industry.

    Now, the picture above has two models [Adriana Lima and idk who’s next to her] looking quite meager in the abdominal region, even Alessandra Ambrosio

  2. I don’t think they look unhealthy, but I’ve always felt that lingerie models should have fuller bodies. In fashion thinner girls are needed b/c they wear clothes better and photograph better, but lingerie is about the body. The breast, hips and butt are emphasized. So the women who model lingerie should have full breasts and butts. But I don’t think any of the VS women look unhealthy. They all have muscle tone and look like they eat regularly lol

  3. They look fine. I feel my best when don’t burden my skeleton to carry excess weight.

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