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I grew up in South L.A., right off Crenshaw Boulevard in a neighborhood called View Park. I loved living there as a child primarily because I was a bike ride from three McDonald’s restaurants. And with Dollar Menus and Happy Meals, I was never a paid chore away from indulging in what I now call my addiction to fat, salt, and sugar.

According to a recent study, South L.A. has the most fast-food restaurants per square mile than anywhere else in the country. What is a family supposed to eat when the prices of basic produce continues to rise and the only alternative is a grocery store or Wal-Mart full of cheap subsidized processed food-like products or fast-food.

GlobalGirl Media investigates the closing of a Ralph’s supermarket in a low income neighborhood in Los Angeles, and finds an alternative in Fresh Fridays, a neighborhood-run fresh produce market bringing much-needed fresh fruits and vegetables to residents who speak of “food apartheid” in their area.

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  1. food disparity sadly does exist in this country and it will continue as long as we justify feeding people crap that isn’t even remotely close to real food processed crap found in many grocers today doesn’t account for being healthy nor sustainable

  2. This video no longer exists, can someone repost it? Very interested in this work. Thanks!

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