Once children taste a hit of the scientifically tested sugar concoction called soda, usually be age companies have a customer for life. So it’s understandable when the American Beverage Association publicly opposed a new study that links soda and childhood obesity.

Researchers say they have found evidence that soda specifically contributes to weight gain in children as you g a five-years-old.

“This is really just adding to the evidence we already know that (drinking) sugar-sweetened beverages in childhood is associated with weight gain,” Dr. Y. Claire Wang, an assistant professor of healthy policy and management who studies childhood obesity at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York City, said to Reuters. “It’s definitely one of the major, if not the main, driver in childhood obesity,” she said.

New Yorkers are familiar with public health policy being forced unto a public starving for cheap calrories to mitigate the pack nutritional dense options. Billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg tried to ban oversized cups of soda to no avail. Most folks are not fond of seemingly benevolent policies that don’t solve the root of the issue.

Since the study was comprehensive probe into the lives of American children’s eating and drinking habits, it gave the ABA The wiggle room to discredit the findings:

“It is misleading to suggest that beverage consumption is uniquely responsible for weight gain among this group of children, especially at a time in their lives when they would normally gain weight and grow,” said the ABA.

Researchers can publish all kinds of plausible findings but as long as beverage companies have the money to influence policy — as well as the resources to fund fitness, health, and minority charities — you’ll never see a drop in the consumption of sugar-laced drinks. The best thing you can do is stop drinking soda yourself and hope your child follows suit.

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  1. There isn’t no such thing as “Childhood Obesity” Maybe one or two kids, but that was rare.
    It’s the food that the young ones nor can tolerate. Late ’70’s I believe when it all started.

    • It was rare to see a “fat kid” when I was growing up. Then suddenly there this new place restaurant called “Mac Donald’s”! Kids began blowing up like balloons!

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