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  1. I doesn’t matter how many degrees or how much training people of color, women, gays/lesbians have, the opinion of Straight White Men will always matter just as much, and usually more. Their anecdotes outweigh the research–after all, it’s THEIR perspective and THEIR interpretation of the world that is the “real” world.

    • sadly you’ve nailed it right on the head we live in a society to where racism or race is rarely if ever talked about at least not in polite company i would suggest looking up british racism toward’s people of middle eastern decent

  2. You and Coreywrenn are correct, I affirm, from differing perspectives and experienced perceptions, but parts of the whole. This, to me, is basic. When the myth that the individual is the only entity of value, what follows is this arrogant ignorance. Students and scholars of interdisciplinary social science, and a proper interpretation of the “liberal arts” are aware, intuitively and intellectually of the concept of the “commons,” the tribe, clan, culture–sisterhood and brotherhood, mother and fatherhood. They are unaware that no one on the planet is further removed in relationship than 50th cousin. We are all parts of the singularity–the cosmos.

    We are living through a neo-wave of heightened isolationism, that denies any connectivity, therefore the ultra conservative impulse in all areas worldwide. This, despite scholarship-research in every discipline that is uncovering the interdependent existence of all.

    Strange, that some of these same reactionaries scream loudest about their god/religion missing the central message of all “faiths” of oneness. The racist, Tea Party, one % by all names are the same–isolates, scared of losing what they do not have, and fear most of all,–freedom of spirit and conscience. They have no capability to see themselves and others, but must segregate by gender, “race”(sic) any mode of artificial, perceived difference, rather than within the commonality of existence.

    I would like to think that this period is the death gasp of a fear filled perspective of the cosmos and existence. If so, the sickness should expire by “midnight.” We wish, study, and work for the awakening.

    Mike Adams and his clones hate the mind. They have only the primitive-reptilian brain stem as their modus operandi-a physical strength, and a moral dis-ease.

  3. Thank you, Amina, for understanding. Sometimes, in my well-intentioned efforts to HELP explain, what comes through as clear as spring water is not comprehended. I am a “conduit,” merely one in the continuum of seekers who tries, and seriously wants to add some clarity to the tangled web of fear, propaganda, lies and subterfuge. We can, if we WILL it. In my first post I wrote “unaware,” when I meant “aware.” Writing in this medium is not easy. I’ve used a desk for decades–not a “desktop.” Sorry.

  4. PS, the word “myth” originally meant a true story. We, now, conveniently, degrade the word when we choose. We do so at our peril.

  5. Well said
    Very informative

  6. My experience from living in New York city is that black people are very racist towards whites, hispanics, and any non-blacks. As a dark-skinned caucasion I experienced this several times between 2008-2011. In the last 5 years I have seen more black on white racism in this country than the other way around. I have friends that have similar experiences.

    • “C” , Do excuse me for being precise in regard to language and scholarship. When one has spend all the decades of one’s life being taught concepts and processes to HELP understand ourselves and the world there is a problem when the efforts to clarify our quest is not known, denied and ignored. I realize that our educational systems are more training grounds for segregated aspects of learning and life, than they are efforts to develop and teach a holistic, conceptual format that advances learning. (Our culture and schools “train” us to remain chattel in a system of exploitation–our own worst enemies. Racism is a structured-institutionally SUPPORTED system of thinking and actions that has resulted in the 1%-controlling v. 99% controlled segregation in society, with a class of controllers in the hierarchical system of institutional oppression–“the suits,” some say..

      What you have observed with blacks is emotional anger, personal prejudices, frustration, and a history of hundreds of years of people who look like them being “locked-out” by a current generation of people of color–primarily “black.” Check NYC “stop and frisk” data.

      As individuals and recipients of perceived denial and lock-outs in schools, work/advancement and life chances, a generation of blacks have taken the, formerly forbidden, opportunity to behave in what you call “racism.” Without the power to actually affect socio-economic changes in any systematic, effective ways, the sense of anger and denial brought about name calling, and individual-small group hostility and actions.
      There is no excuse for this except poor information on how generations handled their denials, through the 1960s.

      The overt hostility is like swatting a mosquito. The power that hires, advances and fires is not in the people on the street, club or neighborhood where “we” live. It is in the security protected businesses and up-scale neighborhoods into which “we” never have entry. Really, the name callers, and nasties are destroying potential allies by frightening them.

      ML King Jr. was, in some minds killed because he was beginning to a convince disenfranchised slaves–blacks and browns (of all nations) poor whites, and women, even perhaps multi-gendered, if he had livedl ong enough, that the enemy is not those who are in the same socio-economic shoes, but those who control the making of those shoes, from cattle ranching to the plants in Asia where slave labor construct the shoes.

      Prejudice, hatred, anger, frustration, you and other whites receive–and are scared–but the real enemies, white-black-brown are laughing all the way to the Cayman Islands, Zurich and other tax havens and gated refuges.

    • Racism begins with a power structure! Money and governmental power to control power!
      Do “black people have that because of Obama”? Hell No! Black people have the pent-up rage and hatred of white oppressors and “Brothers” shit ain’t bros anymore since the ’70’s. When you see a black man dogging his own people, he has only gone steps beyond what whitey wants to do anyway and whitey, the power structure, allows it continue until black people, BLACK MEN commit genocide of their own race here in America.

      • Anofuctus,
        Your anger and frustration are obvious, and understandable. Save your energy and watch your blood pressure. Any response-reply to the frame of thought like the one to which you responded is hopeless. It is important to realize that such a reply indicates deep levels of non-comprehension of the concept of POWER, of the history of domination, particularly in regard to the European dominance of Africa, the rest of the world for the pat 600+ years. Beneath it all are denial (head in the sand) and fear that blocks intelligence. So the person attacks like the monkeys in the experiments on “flight or fight. In other words, he and you, we and they, exist in two different universes. Sadly. the resolution is simple, but will not happen. Imagine oneself in the other person’s shoes–white/black with our unique histories (stories) and the reaction will be the same. It’ll never happen, or perhaps when Earth is invaded by REAL aliens–from another solar system.

        • I still say racism is form from a power structure. Where did the Nazis get the idea to commit genocide on the peoples in Europe? From the whites in America!!! The white man almost exterminated the indigenous people of this country! Yet, the white man is so damn greedy, slaves of any color are subjected to harsh labor, torture and rape. Such is the state of the “White Man”. He and is kind are no more than animals!

          • Sounds to me you have been fed anti white propaganda . It’s as if you claim that the “white man” invented slavery. Hitler didn’t get the idea from white people. He got the idea from his own twisted thoughts. The man was a drug addict. He got the idea for hating jewish people partially from ww1. He felt that the communists and jews living there at the time were to blame for Germanys defeat. And when he saw and opportunity to come to power he knew the German people still felt that jews were to blame . And used that as a way to gain popularity . And it worked . It’s Hitler fault . Not white people. There are fucked up people of all races. So don’t sit there and play the white devil card. It just doesn’t fly anymore.

      • then i suggest you use all your rage toward’s a man on you tube called tommy sotamayor check him out and yes they haven’t been the same since then you are sadly correct one lone texan slash black british girl

    • a “dark skinned white person” what is that?

  7. Breeze has written, and others echoed that “race” is a social construct; there is no scientific basis for the word and its social meanings. “Race” serves a purpose, a context for species wide fear of “the other,” the different,” the perceived alien. This excellent forum, is not–no internet forum is–adequate for the full sequence of investigative study and thought required to move from elementary to highest level in regard to “race” and racism. Briefly: “white” is about 500 years old in the thousands of years of separation in thought and action. Consider the neanderthal and homo sapien in the Stone Age. Who, eventually, won? Remnants of the earlier species exist in some modern people.

    Racism/white/black is applying one faulty concept on another, even though the results of practices are real. Please read J. M. Blaut’s “The Colonizer’s Model of the World. There were no whites, so designated until in recent history.

    The Nazis did not need Americans to each them racism-genocide. Control, and fear of difference have been here all along. Have you heard of Ruwanda, idi Amin, of tribal annihilation planet-wide, throughout history? It’s who dominates NOW.

    If we know genetics our anger–hostility–blame–can be placed accurately, and we might be able to overcome the negative effects on “whites,” and “blacks.” “Whiteness” is a learned concept, and the variations within so-called whiteness is greater than between white and black. I continue to ask people to read the research-studies where scholars have spent decades + .We will never be able to intelligently solve the problem without accurate knowledge. What “they” and “we” do is prolong and negate the problem and hurt ourselves, and “them” because most are willingly ignorant of change and chance to remove and heal.

    I’m always asking READ-for we learn by study, not be denying. Also, read J Tim Wise for more insight. it would be good if we stopped being our own worst enemy–white, black, brown, all over the map. A most stupid issue today, played out as one of immigration–race–is the inability to recognize that the people called “wetbacks”/Latinos/Hispanics in US context are the descendants of the original inhabitants in the areas whee they are so hated-Texas-New Mexico-Arizona… How stupid to call r these people “illegal aliens.” As a “white” person once said, “I don’t know why we call ourselves ‘white,’ we’re really sort of pinky-gray.” Racism is an issue, but the context is historical aggrandizement, with weapons, resulting in control and power. We must know ACCURATE history–The story– to discern clearly, and plan intelligently.

  8. This Adams fella sounds like a dumbass. No more than that really need be uttered about his shenanigans. What an idiot.

    • The only way to address racism is to keep it in the open. If your boss, teacher, plumber, doctor , lawyer, etc, etc, let everyone know that this person is racist.

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