It’s been about four months since Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles.

And he’s already running.

Bryant posted the above video to his Instagram account Monday afternoon, a 15-second clip of him jogging on a space treadmill. (I think it’s actually an anti-gravity treadmill.)

With it Kobe added his hashtags saying “#mambamental” and “#vinoclock.” Kobe also tweeted, “Remember who got amnesia #gasoline #mambamentality.”

Kobe recently said he’s “shattered” the recovery time on an injury like this and that his Achilles is feeling “really, really good.”

It’s not all that surprising, though. This is Kobe Bryant, one of the most maniacal sports psychopaths there is. Hard work is nothing to him and if anything, he relishes the challenge of being told he can’t.

The Lakers’ season officially is underway in another two and a half months, and it’s still a stretch for Kobe to be ready to play in the season opener. But then again, Kobe.

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  1. say what you want about him that is freaking amazing

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