dee liner instagramAlabama football recruit Dee Liner destroyed millions of college football fans fantasies when he posted a picture on Instagram with a hands full of cash and caption that read:

Me and my ni**as we Ballin!!! … #Day1Ni**as #StruggleOverWit

Liner — who sparked controversy within Southern football circles when he switched schools, from Auburn to Alabama — is a top recruit from the South, and considering the economic depression most Southerners find themselves in at the present moment, getting a free ride to college, plus room and board, should seem like one is “ballin.”

There is nothing in the NCAA rules that says athletes can’t pose with money, but I’m sure some bumptious SEC fans will find a way to complain about Liner’s acquisitive posture.

I say let the young lad have fun. College is not usually associated with incisive decisions. Anyway, those lawyers, agents, fed and state laws, and endless groupies that circle athletes will sooner or later try to part Liner with his specious fortune.

Do you think Liner was out of line? Should he be more humble at 17 or is he just having some fun?

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