We’ve all got a number. Those magical three digits that if seen on a scale would make all the ills of the world, or rather our closets melt away. Sure we’re working out to be healthy, but let’s face it hitting that magic number wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Recently, a Gallup report showed that most American’s idea of an “ideal” weight has grown in proportion to the country’s growing waistline. Americans now strive to weigh, on average, 162 pounds.

According to the study, men’s “ideal weight” is 14 pounds heavier and women’s “ideal weight” is 11 pounds heavier than they were 20 years ago. Specifically, men today say that their “ideal weight” is 185 pounds, with their current average weight being 196. Women these days say that their “ideal weight” is 140 pounds, with their current average weight being about 156 pounds.

Researchers for the study are saying:

“Americans appear to be slowly shifting to higher weights, adjusting their expectations of what is ideal over time — mirroring the increase in actual weight.”

Sounds to me like the researchers could have a point. Are some of us becoming a tad accepting of the country’s growing size and loosening our belts a little or are we simply becoming more realistic about what a healthy size actually is?

What’s your ideal weight? How did you determine that it was right for you?

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  1. My ideal weight is 160. When I was 160, I was the most healthy and active. I got 67 more pounds to go! 🙂

  2. My ideal is 135 and I’m like 8lbs away come it.

  3. Ideal weight is about 143-145. I really start to feel terrible (sometimes get chest pains) when I start to get near 150-155. I honestly only weigh myself when I start to feel I’m putting on weight and my suspicions are usually confirmed…otherwise I just focus on constant exercise, eating healthy and getting my fluids. I have other health issues that have nothing to do with weight so that’s why it’s an afterthought.

  4. My goal weight is 130, and I have a very far journey to get there, but I joined a gym and hired a trainer and I will get there.

  5. My ideal weight is around 150 or 155 I currently weight around 140, but I want to build more muscle.

  6. 135. I’m 145 right now and 5 feet 6 inches tall. At this point, I really want to focus more on making sure I’m toned, more than the number on the scale.

  7. My ideal weight is 128. I’m 5 foot tall. I haven’t seen that weight since high school

  8. 5-foot and a half inch, I currently weigh 160. My doctor wants that number down to 120.

    Thing is I was sick and tired all the time at that weight.

    I’m currently shooting for 155. I have a heavy physical labor job and it requires muscle.

  9. i’m 5’10” with a curvy/athletic body with quite a bit of muscle mass.
    my ideal weight is between 187-190 lbs.

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