By now we should all know that the proper, most effective way to lose weight starts with diet and exercise. But let’s face it, that proper way can take a long time and we as humans can be very impatient. If there is a quick way to do something we’ll find it so there is no doubt that there are a few among us that have tried a few wacky things to lose weight fast.

A perfect example would be my good friend who is currently trying to shock her abs flat with some kind of belt she bought from an infomercial. Instead of just doing a few reps of ab exercises each day, she’d rather where some WWF style belt around her waist that is supposed to shock the fat cells in her ab region causing them to melt away and leave her with fabulously sculpted abs…just like the (paid) woman in the commercial.

As much as I would love to laugh at my friend, I too have had my share of moments where I gulped down cayenne pepper infused water or drank myself sick with skinny shakes.

Impatience is a hell of a drug. In the end I realized that much like with life, there are no shortcuts to weight loss, but if they ever perfect the weightloss pill, I will definitely be the first in line.

But I know my friend and I are not alone! Give us your weird, your quirky and your bitter tasting attempts to lose weight quickly. We promise not to laugh … too much.

What’s your craziest weight lost attempt? How well did it work?

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