3. Electronics Out

Remove the office from your bedside. Keep your ipads, iphones, lap tops and other such electronics off of your bed and night stand.

Using your bedroom only for sleep (and the occasional pillow talk session) can help you relax your brain before getting your snooze on. Try to resist checking email and twitter. It will always be there for tomorrow.


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  1. I need to add #3 to my list tonight. To unplug at night should do the trick for me.

  2. exercising a couple of hours before bed helps me personally…it wipes me out at just the right time…
    i can’t drink tea or any liquids before bed because it might wake me up during the night but chamomile is amazing for destressing in general. I used to drink loads of it in university.

    The best thing i’ve done is taking my cellphone and laptop OUT of my room when I need to go to bed. I just personally need that extreme! I don’t know how people can have TV’s in their rooms (unless like my parents it’s hardly on)…

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