A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, reveals that kids who snack on a veggie and cheese combination instead of high-fat, high-salt potato chips, eat 70 percent fewer calories and often feel more satisfied.

The study included 200 students in grades three through sixth with boys and girls randomly chosen to eat either chips or the veggie and cheese combination.

The results of the study further support the notion that eating fiber-rich fruits and vegetables are more effective in providing the full feeling people look for when “snacking.”

Empty carbs like chips and breads don’t provide the essential nutrients to satiate snackers, therefore resulting in over consumption.

The study also concluded that the combination snack of vegetables and cheese can be an effective means for children to reduce caloric intake while snacking. According to the study, the effect was more pronounced among children who were overweight or obese and children from low-involvement families.

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