Raise your hand if you avoid eating out at your favorite restaurants because you’re trying to eat healthy? If you raised your hand trust me you’re not alone.

Many of us avoid dining out because we want to stick to our diets, and when we do eat out we avoid the fatty, creamy stuff like fettuccini alfredo. The problem is everything at a restaurant is more decadent than the food you make at home, even the healthier options.

But that doesn’t mean you should avoid dining out all together, remembering these simple tips will help you save some a few calories during your next night out.

All Salads Aren’t Good Salads

It’s awfully tempting to pick a salad over the fries at a restaurant, but if you think all that leafy green on your plate is healthy for you, think again.

Sure most people know that Cobb and Caesar salads can be fat traps, but mixed green salads can also do damage. One with goat cheese, pears, and candied walnuts, for instance, can set you back 500 calories.

Instead create your own salad and ask for dressing on the side, chances are you’ll come away with a much healthier dish.

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