3. Duafe Naturals Organic Coconut Monoi Conditioning Treatment Oil

Price: $7.50

If dry, flaky and troublesome scalp is over-powering your hair care routine, you can dip into this deep conditioning treatment to fight back. This deep treatment oil perfect for weekly encounters, features the popular Tahitian monoi oil that helps to repair breakage and soften brittle hair.

Ingredients: 100% pure certified organic coconut oil, monoi oil, vitamin E

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  1. I want more informations

  2. I’m currently using pro naturals argan oil as a deep conditioner and it’s pricey but totally worth it. THanks for the suggestions!

  3. thank you for the info, I use another good conditioner for hair, it’s pro naturals moroccan argan oil hair conditioner and leaves my hair moisturized and hydrated. 🙂

  4. I love the Duafe Natural products!!! They’re Avocado hair conditioner is the truth!!!

  5. This is not natural at all! Its got Sulfates!

  6. Great tips, my wife’s very happy! She just came from this site http://shai77.hubpages.com/hub/Tips-for-Deep-Conditioning-Hair says your article now provided her with a very well-rounded knowledge 🙂

  7. The best hair conditioner I can recommend is the one from pro naturals!

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