Who has time for time these days? Our calendars are full, our families are in need of our attention and somewhere in between the bills must be paid. For many of us, working out consistently is just another penciled in appointment that gets put to the bottom of the to-do list.

But what if we could workout for 10 minutes each day to reap the rewards of hours spent in the gym like energy, weight loss and stress reduction? According to the American College of Sports Medicine, multiple shorter sessions of at least 10 minutes are acceptable and even people unable to meet the minimums still benefit from some activity. The key here is to maximize time and efficiency with intense, high energy workouts that combine cardio and strength training.

Workout DVDs that promote this 10 minute training theory include Tony Horton’s 10 minute trainer, Jeanette Jenkins’ 10 minute bootcamp workout and Jessica Smith’s 10 minute solution collection among many others.

In an article on Today.com, experts advise that before you leap into high-intensity training be sure to have at least six months of normal training behind you. This could potentially prove to be difficult for folks with already packed schedules.

Try easing your way into an intense 10 minute exercise routine with the DVDs mentioned and then reach higher to do more work in less time. Then allow yourself to recover.

Also pair your 10 minute workout with regular healthy activity during the day. Get in as much walking as possible and opt for healthy diet changes to boost your fitness routine and overall health.

Would you fit in a fitness routine if you only had 10 minutes to spare?

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  1. Definitely! Applying this simple workout can give amazing results for those who have no time for serious gym training.

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