When I lived in the Hamilton Height’s neighborhood of Harlem, I remember the corner stores (or “bodegas” as they are called) being ravaged with junk foods, old produce, over-priced household supplies, and meat (if you wanted to call it that).

Within a four block radius, a McDonalds sat on every corner. It was heaven. At a moment’s notice I could have any delectable treat that I wanted. I fell in love with midnight pizza runs and delighted in the street meat vendor serving up grilled lamb on his cart. Life became a simple game of grab-and-go meals to compliment my on-the-go lifestyle.

Eating relatively “healthy” meant a long trip to a decent grocery store. A near hour long trip on the subway to downtown Manhattan to the “local” Trader Joe’s market proved to be a successful yet an exhausting chore. When you’re living in a food desert rich with cultural cuisine but lacking in fresh food options, you make accommodations not complaints.

How many of you can empathize with having to trek out to inconveniently located health food stores or markets that aren’t available in your neighborhood? Toss in the time commitment, raising children or attending school while holding down a full-time job and the burden of finding healthy food can be a severe deterrent for eating healthy.

Thankfully there are plenty of on-demand options bringing organic and healthy to your door making it even easier to skip past the fast-food joint and order up some living nutrition. Here are our top five favorite programs for having healthful foods delivered to your door:

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