Masticating Juicers

If you’re looking for a juicer that processes it all, including greens, with less compromising of the nutrient content of the juice, try a masticating juicer. These juicers use a single rotating screw blade to crush fruit and veggies into smaller pieces before squeezing juice through a screen, where more pulp is separated and expelled through a separate outlet on the juicer.

Unlike centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers have the ability to juice leafy greens. It also yields more juice than the centrifugal juicer. Though it may take you longer to juice with a masticating juicer, your beverage is of a higher quality.

Masticating juicers are also usually built to last a life time and can handle heavy duty work. If you’re looking for a stronger-built juicer that can handle leafy greens and even denser fruit such as mature coconut, try a masticating juicer and feel the difference. This choice will provide you with more options of the types of fruits and vegetables you can juice. You can even create nut butters with some of the juicers such as the

Commercial Champion.

Price Range: $270 – $600

Recommended Brands: The Champion Commercial Juicer; Electric Live Enzyme.


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  1. There’s some real ignorance in this article. Early on, it warns you against detoxing fads, when actually detoxing is a fad, period. You don’t need to “detox”, you just need to eat healthier from here on. So the blenders, which leave the fiber in is better than the juicer, which doesn’t. Fiber is ALWAYS a good thing to intake no matter what. don’t buy into this ‘you need to detox and not take in fiber’ crap.

    • Agreed. I never understood why people talked about detoxing. Everytime you head to the loo you’re detoxing. Eat right and you won’t have a problem.

  2. Blessed Love, thank you for your responses. I thought it appropriate to address some of the issues raised about detoxing from your comments Domo and Ko.
    1. Detoxing is not a fad in itself. It is a proven practice long used to heal the body and eliminate waste to increase the body’s ability to rejuvenate and extend LIFE FORCE.

    2.Detoxing is getting rid of toxins out of the body. Eliminating. It long existed before it became a 21st century health fad, i.e. Arnold Ehret. In fact, the conception and ideology of not eating to cleanse the body was so foreign and and unpopular that he was in a league all his own in the 1900s. Astonishingly, his Mucusless Diet Healing System, which strongly promotes regular fasting, which is what I refer to as detoxing, is still applicable today, and even more so because of the toxic nature of our die-its, environment, personal health histories and genetic predispositions.

    With that said, when you overstand that 1. No matter how “healthy” you eat, you come into contact with toxic chemicals: Electro Magnetic Frequencies, Toxic Energy, etc. as well as having various pre-dispositional miasmas, which are directly related to how one develops dis-eases throughout their lifetime, i.e. inherited deficiencies passed down from the parents’ genes, then you overstand the need to DETOX.

    Waste can live in the body for decades. Waste, weather in the form of chemicals, such as iodized salt, sea salt, braggs, putrid protein, mucus, heavy metals, undigested food particles, medications, spices, preservatives from foods, whatever, attaches to various organs and decrease their ability to function optimally. I don’t think anhyone can debunk that most people have lived in increasingly toxic environments since the Industrial Revolution.

    OK, so even if you eat healthy foods you still have other toxins in the body that are not food related. Not to mention that if you are not eating a 100 % non-mucus forming consumption, such as fruits and juice and even air, you are consuming toxins through your food. And if you eat cooked foods, even more so, since it’s AGAIN PROVEN, cooked foods cannot fully be digested, then you have waste in your system. And even if you do only eat this way, as do I, there is still waste that is toxic to the body and depletes life force and life expectancy if not removed. For example, if you have mercury fillings in the teeth, these metals infiltrate the blood stream and circulate throughout the body and lead to many ailments one is not intended by nature to experience such as headaches, colds, fatigue, irritability, depression. I could really go on and on.

    Another example: OK, so you eat “healthy” but you use the computer and cell phone which introduces electromagnetic frequencies to the body. And if you overstand that the human body is all about electricity, then you begin to see why you want to remove added, artificial frequencies from the body.

    Yet another example: You are a vegan and you eat mostly living foods and some cooked foods. All of the food you eat is not digested. The small intestine is something like 24-36 ft long and food particles get stuck, putrify and create dangerous toxic gases, liquid waste as well as mucus. So what you poop out is not ALL that you put in. PUT THIS TO THE TEST. TRY NOT EATING SOLID FOODS OR LIQUIDS THAT CONTAIN FIBER FOR 7-10 DAYS AND SEE IF YOU STILL DEFECATE. You will. In fact, it will smell just awful. So, it’s surely a myth that if you are using the restroom your are detoxing. Yes you are eliminating, as the body will ALWAYS and is ALWAYS eliminating, pushing stuff as part of a survival mechanism.

    Ok, so you say “but that still doesn’t say why one needs to ‘DETOX.'” Ok so something to keep in mind, and again it’s PROVEN. The digestive system has 2 primary functions, 1. process. 2. eliminate. When it’s processing, also called digesting, it’s not eliminating. That’s why you don’t poop and eat at the same time. Also, a part of digesting is breaking the foodstuff down for what? – distribution and absorption by the organs of the body, which is why we eat-to get energy from foods. That’s supposed to be why anyway. After one eats and the foodstuff is processed, broken down, distributed via the blood stream to organs, muscles, tissues… they in turn begin to absorb. This is an entire mechanism that occurs. It’s hard work for the body. This is all connected to digesting, which stems from eating. ALL FOODSTUFF HAS TO GO THROUGH THIS PROCESS. That’s why certain foods are good for certain parts or functions of the body. Detoxing comes in the picture because when we are NOT processing, 1. Organs, tissue, the small intestine, the colon, muscles, etc. begin to RELEASE and in releasing many of the harmful toxins that I outlined above are released. Then when we re-introduce foodstuff back into the body, such as a fiberous salad, it serves to push out in the form of feces and urine what was eliminated from ALL PARTS OF THE BODY, the heart, the lungs, the liver, the colon, the spleen, the spine … you get the picture. This is why you are told not to eat for a number of hours when taking a blood test or a urine test for some medical exams. Because then the practitioner or doctor can look under a microscope or drop your sample into a machine and read all of the chemicals, particles, proteins, etc. from what was released because your body began to DETOX.

    NOW, detoxing does occur on a regular basis. Whenever you don’t consume foodstuff that needs to be processed, such as foods that contain fiber, you are DETOXIING, ASLO CALLED FASTING. Every night you detox when you go to sleep and don’t eat for 8-10 hours. However, because people’s toxic environments, lifestyles and consumptions, this period is usually not long enough. Also because most people do not break their daily fasts appropriately – Break-fast, get it? : ) – they push back the toxins that have been released back into the system.


    I hope this assists in any mis-UNDERSTANDINGS about DETOXING AND IT’S IMPORTANCE TO LIVING LONGER AND HEALTHIER LIVES. I look forward to your feedback.

    Blessed Love. -India Camiel

  3. “If you recently purchased the magic bullet or even the Montel Williams blender, use it, add a bit of elbow grease and save yourself some extra scrilla.”

    So many mixed metaphors, I have no idea what this sentence means!

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