Are you thinking about cutting gluten out of your diet? If you said yes, you’ve probably heard a few accounts of amazing weight loss or energy boost. Maybe, just maybe that couple of extra pounds will vanish once your remove the element from you diet. Doctors are warning, however, that not everyone should latch on to the trend.

While you may think it is the healthier option, many of the gluten-free products are have a higher calorie count. Also, if your gluten-free diet results in weight loss, that doesn’t mean that the composite is the source of your pounds.

“A lot of convenience foods are gluten-laden,” Dr. Gerard Mullin explained in recent Baltimore Sun article. In removing gluten, you’re taking away a lot of easily accessible and caloric snack foods — bagels, pizza, cereal and the like.” On top of possible not really being a dieting tool, gluten-free products are pricier than their traditional counterparts.

But, the dietary change is absolutely necessary for those who have Celiac Disease. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, the autoimmune disease is a bit of a mystery, but one out of every 133 people in the United States has it. Unlike food allergies, the condition is not one you can grow out of. Wondering if you have CD?

The symptoms of Celiacs include abdominal cramping, intestinal gas, distention and bloating of the stomach, chronic diarrhea or constipation, fatty stools, anemia, unexplained weight loss with large appetite or weight gain. For more information head over to the Celiac Disease Foundation.

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